Hi, I’m Phillipa Page, a Clinical Nutritionist, registered through the Clinical Nutrition Association.

I love food and the connection it has with our physical and mental health, with social well being and with culture. Food is for pleasure as well as fuel. My job is to help people find the foods that give them both.

I have a Diploma of Nutritional Science and a Degree in Sociology. Research and learning is an ongoing passion that I apply to my work. Travel; work in science and community organisations; being a mother and stepmother; and several decades of living have given me a broad view of people, their needs and challenges. I bring this all together to create adaptable and practical health choices.

Knowledge – choice – consequence fits so well with my purpose of helping people judge their own food choices for their health goals. I am your guide to understanding your body, your health conditions and your best choices for good health through all ages.

My philosophy is that health starts from within. I work with people as individuals with individual health and eating needs.

Because I am a registered nutritionist, your consultations with me may be covered by your health insurance.

I work in Hastings, Napier and Waipukurau. You can choose your handiest Hawke’s Bay location.

Do take a look around the site, join me on Facebook, sign up for the newsletter or make an appointment to invest in your health.  Contact me on 0211814349 or  book in for a health review.

It will be a pleasure to meet with you.