Who’s managing your health?

You’ve had your annual check-up. Good for you! If you don’t hear back, then no news must be good news right? Wrong!

When it comes to blood tests and scans YOU are the one who needs to follow up. No-one will care more about the results than you do.  A slight anomaly could be considered not too important by a busy doctor, and it might well indeed be nothing to worry about…..yet. A few months on, however, your body is letting you know it’s not at all happy and the slight anomaly has manifested into something significant that now needs attention and treatment.  Had you seen the slight anomaly, wouldn’t you have taken action then? Like spotting a chip in your car’s windscreen, it’s not wise to sit back and wait until an entire replacement is required. Read more

Children’s Nutrition

Growing healthy children is something all parents and caregivers care passionately about…..but should a 5 year old eat the same as a12 year old? Do boys have different needs to girls? What if they have a food intolerance?  How does food affect behaviour and mood? What would a healthy lunchbox look like? How about foods best to eat before a sporting activity?  Hmmm – quite a  bit to  think about! If you believe you are providing your child with a well rounded diet yet they have digestive or health issues, sleep or behavioural problems, skin conditions or episodes of unexplained fatigue then a good starting point would be to keep a food and symptom diary to establish if there are better days than others. This can help identify links between certain foods and symptoms. Even healthy fruits and vegetables can be the enemy if your child is intolerant to them or cannot digest them easily.  Read more


Cholesterol is a waxy substance carried through your bloodstream attached to proteins called lipoproteins. It has several important functions including making the outer coating of cells, contributing to the bile acids that digest food in your intestines and allowing your body to make Vitamin D and hormones like oestrogen in women and testosterone in men (in fact healthy cholesterol balance can support prostate health).
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Have I got gallstones?

GallstonesIf you’re aged 50 or over, the answer is probably yes! They won’t cause you any harm and you won’t even be aware they are there. It’s only when they become large or numerous that they become troublesome. In extreme cases they can be very painful and even life-threatening.
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Hay Fever

Whilst most of us welcome the Spring season, as many as 40% will be dreading the all too familiar red, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing, fatigue – and the many other symptoms that hay fever (allergic rhinitis) brings at this time of year.
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There is a HUGE distinction between a very bad headache and a migraine – ask any sufferer! Migraines are debilitating and exhausting and a serious attack can lead to vertigo, vomiting and even paralysis.
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Nutrition for summer health

Many people prepare for the onset of winter by stocking up on extra vitamin C and other immune boosters. However, summer also places our bodies under specific demands and it’s important to make sure we keep our systems balanced through these long hot months.
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