There is a HUGE distinction between a very bad headache and a migraine – ask any sufferer! Migraines are debilitating and exhausting and a serious attack can lead to vertigo, vomiting and even paralysis.

Causes: there are known food triggers, including chocolate, cheese, alcohol and caffeine but a lesser known cause is magnesium deficiency. Magnesium helps to dilate blood vessels throughout the body, so a lack of it leads to constriction of the vessels. Constricted vessels in the head contribute to the throbbing sensation most sufferers experience. New Zealand soils are lacking in magnesium so investing in a good quality supplement is a good idea if you are prone to migraines.

Co-enzyme Q10 is another ally. This naturally occurring chemical is found in foods such as broccoli, kumara, spinach, soy foods, oily fish and most meat – but note that frying reduces CoQ10 levels. Supplements containing at least 150mg will help prevent migraines (and help address other health conditions, including cholesterol, heart conditions and chronic fatigue).

Oily fish, mentioned earlier, are also high in omega-3. Recent research has shown a positive effect of omega-3 on migraines…………so throw a salmon on the barbie this Spring!

Finally, water is a must to keep the body hydrated and migraines at bay. Pure, filtered water should be sipped throughout the day – an easy task as the weather hots up!

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