What about the men?

This week, as I was invited to another ‘women’s discussion circle’ and saw the birth of yet another Facebook group focusing on women’s health, I became frustrated that we rarely offer men similar support. Men are often accused of not investing … Continue reading

Parkinson’s Disease

I had a very nice chat with Peter Nichol today who had viewed this video I did a few years ago for the Parkinson’s Society. I was a keynote speaker at their Napier conference.  (Excuse the dodgy background – it … Continue reading

Magnificent May!

Well May certainly breezed in with a wallop didn’t it?!  We sadly lost several beautiful trees and their absence is almost tangible. I hope you all fared well. I also hope mother nature doesn’t have too many more tricks up her … Continue reading

Uniquely you

There is no one like you in the world, isn’t  that good to know! Despite over 7 billion people inhabiting this wonderful planet of ours, you are completely unique- even if you are an identical twin. You’ve become who you … Continue reading

Fabulous Fermented Foods!

A healing addition to your diet, fermented foods are involved in fighting infection, speeding the healing process, reducing inflammation and even improving conditions such as ADHD and depression. That’s because they improve the integrity of the gut which aids absorption … Continue reading

Here we go again…….

January again….and here we are….. again…. being bombarded with the usual gym promotions, weight loss programmes and ‘wonder’ products from clever marketers capitalising on the vulnerable (and at the moment, determined!) folk eager to make changes following the excesses of … Continue reading