Happy new year all!    Traditionally we’ll have our list of resolutions lined up by now and they’ll generally include ‘health’ goals. However, in a few weeks I’ll see people who have been unable to stick to their eating targets and I’ll have the tissues at the ready as the familiar ‘failure’ stories spill out. Why do we do it?! Year after year, it’s the same! So why not do things a little differently this year? Take small simple steps to invest in your health. Perhaps start with a food intolerance test and avoid the biggest culprits on your list? Or maybe get a blood test to establish priorities: i.e. should you work on your cholesterol, balance your hormones or stabilise your blood sugar levels? 

Focusing on one aspect doesn’t mean letting the reins go of everything else. Rather, it helps you to stay motivated as you can monitor the progress you are making and that encourages you to stay on track.

It’s easier to team up with someone for support and advice – and that’s where I come in 😊

I’m here to help you; whether it’s to get the tests done, explain the results to you and help you with your priorities; work out some meal ideas that fit in with your lifestyle; provide supplements that can help kick-start your body; be a shoulder to lean on……..whatever!

Whatever you decide to do, start today. Email alison@healthyeating.net.nz

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