Personal Healthy Eating Plan

Forget diets! Invest in a personal healthy eating plan to discover the foods that will work for you.

We constantly get messages from our bodies, e.g.

  • headaches
  • muscle cramps
  • ridges on fingernails
  • twitchy eye muscle
  • a heavy coating on the tongue
  • unexplained fatigue
  • skin disorders
  • respiratory problems

Messages like these are telling us that we are not getting the right nutrients for our needs. More often than not we don’t recognise the messages or, if we do, we treat the symptom rather than the cause.
We might all have the same digestive systems but each and every one of us is completely unique due to our stress levels, hereditary issues, medical histories, medications we have taken over the years, removal of organs (tonsils, appendix, gall bladder etc), the stage of life we are going through, the environment we work in……the list is endless!

A personal healthy eating plan is your passport to optimum health. We have thousands of very happy (and healthy!) clients whose lives have been transformed, as evidenced in some of the success stories featured on this site.

Step One: In a comprehensive health and nutrition assessment*, you will be asked key questions that include your lifestyle, stress, current and previous health (including hereditary diseases) dietary habits and mindset.  Your tongue and fingernails will also be examined – they speak volumes!

Step Two: This valuable information is analysed to ascertain any nutritional deficiencies and gastrointestinal weaknesses. If a blood test is deemed necessary, it will be ordered at this stage and the results will be encompassed into your plan.

Step Three: Your unique plan is prepared and includes a comprehensive summary of your health and nutrition assessment; what your blood test results mean (if applicable) and how they can be improved; explanations of how, when and why imbalances have manifested; a detailed table of foods that have been chosen specifically to address issues identified during your assessment; you’ll know the nutritional content of each food selected and exactly how it will help you; if you have a food intolerance test, that information will also be taken into account. You will also have meal ideas, recipes…….and much more!

Step Four: You collect your plan and are invited to ongoing reviews of your progress.

No two plans are ever the same because no two people are ever the same!

How much are you spending/have you spent on specialist appointments, tests, supplements, prescriptions? Soon mounts up doesn’t it!

Well for just  $390, incl GST* you will have all the answers in a personal hard copy book that you can refer to whenever you need it  – and can save a fortune on products that are not helping you.

*You will be required to have a health and nutrition assessment prior to your plan being wriiten ($120) and it’s also beneficial to have a food intolerance test too.

On-line Consultations

EMAIL: If you are unable to visit us in person for the health and nutrition assessment required for your Personal Healthy Eating Plan we are delighted to offer you this on-line facility. email for further information

You can download the assessment form and return by post to: P.O.Box 7308, Taradale 4141, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

SKYPE: Simply contact us to arrange a suitable day or time

Please contact us if you have any questions or require further clarification. 06 844 0587