Where is your sweet spot? Have you found your balance between the foods you love to eat, and the foods that love your health? Helping you find this is one of my challenges as a nutritionist.

I feel your pain when the aromas, tastes and textures of foods you love are attached to foods that are not friends with your health. For many years I believed life as we know it would be destroyed if I couldn’t have ice-cream, whipped cream, butter, yogurt and cheese in all its beautiful colours and flavours.

However I reached a point where the fun in the other parts of my life (the non-food parts) had ebbed enough for me to consider changing my ways. I was constantly tired, sneezing, spotty, achy jointed, feeling old before my time. It was time for a change. The old saying is true – it really is madness to expect a different outcome while continuing the same actions.

I tell my tale of woe to clients who are faced with food intolerance results that rock their food comfort zone. With a happy ending.

The dose is important. It is not always about excluding foods. You may benefit from cutting back on some foods even if not due to an intolerance. Or exclusion may be a temporary measure until your gut is healed. Finding your sweet spot can require some experimentation until you find that point where your health and your food pleasures live in harmony. Best of all this gives you choices! You will be aware of benefits or consequences of your options.

My happy ending is: refreshing sleep, more energy, better skin, joints that can run, walk, cycle. And being able to treasure all seasons without hayfever! Turns out my obsession with cheese came at too high a price. But I can choose to test my limits now and then.

Find out why your sweet spot is off target. Is it because of foods, gut health or an imbalance of nutrients, gut bacteria or hormones? It will be my pleasure to help you find your way to the sweet balance of health and food pleasures.