I often wonder what aliens would think of us if they came to observe us. Intelligent species? I wonder! We have the most amazing machinery….our bodies. Yet we know so little about the parts until they malfunction- and then we don’t know enough to be able to fix it ourselves. When it comes to any other aspect of our lives, we follow the order of Knowledge-Choice- Consequence, but when it comes to health, it seems that we work backwards! We start with the consequence….the ailment, illness, disease….and then look for choices, which is generally a visit to the doctor, and that might be all we do. We are content to take the medication – it  fixes the symptom, so we are happy. Then the symptom comes back, and we repeat the process.

I’ve just seen a lady who has been ‘unwell’ for 40 years and has had the same medication all her life.  In a passing conversation with a new friend who was an existing client of mine, she was recommended to come along for a consultation. In that 60 minute session, I was able to determine that she likely had an auto-immune condition (which a blood test subsequently confirmed) and food intolerances.  Just a few weeks on she is a new woman and has no need for her medication at all.   Every single day without fail I see people who have been treating symptoms because they didn’t know how to treat the cause. There are a few of their stories here

For this reason, I am hosting an event at Ormlie Lodge on Wednesday 6th September at 6pm to go through the most common health conditions that I see, and provide easy tips on how to acquire knowledge to invest in your health. Medication is certainly one choice, but there are other choices too. Do join me if you can! Proceeds from the event are going to our lovely local Cranford Hospice. For more information, or to buy your ticket, click here

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