Handy Book of Facts - Diabetes
Out now! The first book in the Handy Book of Facts Series by Alison Cowell. This book is a must have for anybody with an interest in the prevention and management of diabetes!
In a 60 minute consultation, you will be asked key questions including: - your current health - your previous health - digestive issues - food choices - eating habits
Personal Healthy Eating Plan
- Includes a table of fruits and vegetables specifically chosen for your needs - Takes account of your food intolerances - Incorporates your blood test results - Caters for specific health conditions you might have - Ensures no medicine/food conflict - Provides tailored meal ideas and recipes - No two plans are the same – because no two people are!
Food Intolerance Tests
Energy levels low? Health issues getting worse? Skin problems? Digestive complaints? Can't lose weight despite dieting and exercising? We can help! Combining the best of conventional and holistic nutrition we focus on your uniqueness and treat the cause - not the symptoms.

Why have a health and nutrition assessment?

Most health conditions develop over a long period of time, but we are not always good at picking up the note-pad-with-pensignals our bodies give us to let us know things are out of balance.
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Our consultations are in depth so we get a complete picture of your health. Nutritional deficiencies will be highlighted and we may order blood tests if appropriate. You may have a specific health or weight issue and, whilst that may understandably become your focus, you could be ignoring or dismissing other needs your body has.
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Could I have a food intolerance?

Maybe! Our digestive systems are the same today as they were when we first arrived on the planet- yet the foods we eat (and the soils in which they grow) are vastly different.
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Given that your digestive system is ‘the engine’ that feeds all the cells in your body, you need to make sure you are filling up with the right ‘fuel’. Some systems struggle with today’s processed foods, and some just need a break from the same routine. Intolerances are not as obvious as allergies, so we don’t always know we have them…………..until they have taken their toll!
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What are the benefits of a personal healthy eating plan?

We are all unique individuals with unique needs. Not everyone thrives on the same food due to existing or previous health conditions,
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food intolerances, medications, organ removal (it matters if something is missing!) and so on. It’s crucial to your wellbeing that you are eating foods that are working with you not against you. This completely personal plan is tailored for your specific needs. It is NOT a diet!
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