Well Within- the new home of Healthy Eating

The nutrition services remain the same. Well Within is the new name for Healthy Eating. It recognises that nutrition is about how your body is working within. Your digestion, other health factors, stress factors and lifestyle are as important as the food you eat. Phillipa Page looks forward to seeing existing and new clients under the new Well Within banner. Take a look at www.wellwithin.nz

Health and Nutrition Assessments

In a 60 minute consultation, you will be asked key questions concerning your general health, digestive health, sleep patterns and diet. Your tongue and fingernails will also be examined. Advice will include food choices and, if appropriate and necessary, vitamin supplements (we remain impartial on supplements and will advise on the best choices available from pharmacies, health shops and practitioner ranges). Read more 

Food intolerance tests

Not to be confused with food allergies, food intolerances can affect you without immediately apparent symptoms. Read more

Book Phillipa Page as a speaker for your event

Phillipa’s popular talks are informative, entertaining and thought-provoking, and inspire those attending to take responsibility for their own health. Phillipa likes to present a mix of current science and practical tips. Bring your questions too. Read more

Gift Vouchers

Give your loved one the great gift of a Healthy Eating gift voucher. Our vouchers can be redeemed against any of the services we provide. Read more

 Menu Reviews

Have your menu reviewed and allow us to make considered recommendations to ensure your menu is fully meeting all the nutritional needs for your clients/residents/school etc. Read more

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