Food Intolerance Tests

Not to be confused with food allergies, food intolerances can affect you without
immediately apparent symptoms. However, over time, continual ingestion
of a food you are intolerant to can manifest in a host of different ways. You may feel constantly tired, suffer with headaches (or migraines), a recurring skin condition, gradual weight gain, digestive issues etc, any or all of which could be the result of a food intolerance. In my experience, unidentified food  intolerances lie behind most (if not all!) health conditions, including auto-immune diseases.

No matter which  of the following testing methods you choose, your appointment  will include discussion on your digestive health and any other symptoms you may be experiencing. We also go through your diet and will provide alternative ideas should any intolerances be identified.

Applied kinesiology  $140 (incl GST) 60 minute appointment

Applied kinesiology (muscle testing) is a diagnostic tool that can help you discover foods you may be intolerant to. Whilst you can be intolerant to ANY food you eat, it’s worth knowing that  just 6 foods are responsible for 80% of intolerances.

When you eat a food to which you are intolerant, your immune system perceives specific food molecules as ‘invaders’. This affects your autonomic nervous system ( the ‘flight or fight’ response) which triggers a reaction in your small intestine. This can cause inflammation and damage to your intestinal tract and inhibit absorption of nutrients.

Applied kinesiology simply detects your muscle response, easily and safely. This is achieved by firstly gauging the strength of your muscles via your extended arm (i.e. muscle testing!). Food is then introduced to your mouth (you do not eat, chew or swallow the food) and the process is repeated Healthy Eating are  proud to  be the pioneers of  this unique  ‘food on the tongue’  technique. If you are intolerant to the food being tested, your muscles will ‘fail’. Your scale of intolerance (or acceptance) is recorded and discussed with you after the test.

We test for the top 6 food culprits;  wheat, yeast, dairy, eggs, tomatoes and soy, as well as peanuts (a common allergen), buckwheat (a safe alternative to wheat) and Spirulina (which has properties that can help strengthen the system that a food intolerance may have weakened).  You may also bring along up to 5 bite-sized pieces of your own food (e.g fruit, veg, meat or fish) for testing if you wish. You will have your results immediately and we will discuss meal ideas and alternatives if required.

We are happy to answer any questions on this service prior to your appointment. Call Alison or Amy on 06 844 0587 or email

Blood Test (BioTek)  $525 incl GST .  Requires 30minute pre-assessment  $50 Payment plan available on request

For those who wish to explore a wider range of foods, we offer this comprehensive blood test that looks at  up to 98 different foods including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts  etc. It looks at immediate and delayed release antibodies (i.e. a food can enter your system as your friend but later become your enemy!) and also highlights potential groups (e.g. salycilates, nightshades etc). Prices can vary depending on the foods being checked.  Click here to view a sample report biotek-general-foods-2016-iga_igg_ige

Hair Test  from $150 ( incl GST) – Requires 30 minute pre-assessment, $50 

Using a small snip of your hair, we can look at foods and other allergens that might be causing imbalances in your system. Sample report